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"Dear Joana,
Thank you for offering this Masterclass.
I´ve received immediate benefit from my participation. Your personal style of teaching has given me a whole new perspective on the dance. 
My background is mainly Baladi which involves mostly improvisation as you know so following and remembering even the most basic choreography has always been extremely difficult for me throughout my 20 odd years of practicing this dance.
This has nothing to do with my teachers - I´ve had amazing teachers and chose wisely. But I am astounded to find myself easily following your choreography today using your principles based on Sacred Geometry. Really - it was so simple to follow.
Maybe it´s my artist brain that needs a different way of learning!  
Your explanation on energy work with the hands as we dance and the in-depth meaning behind Khamsa is also new to me even I am familiar with Reiki and this protection amulet.
Your teaching method is truly fascinating and changes my whole perspective and also brought me back to my body and to a different head space.
I felt really grounded, focused and 'in the moment' as I danced.    
I feel as though I´ve had a major breakthrough in my dance and I thoroughly enjoyed your class.
I'm amazed at how much magic happened in my living room; I´m truly amazed and grateful.
And now, I have some homework to do!
Thank you so much, Joana.
Kindest regards"
Audrey Doherty
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Discover 5 Principles of the "Baladi Awadi", the most traditional, visceral, and empowering style within Egyptian Dance.
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