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Check the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, and the correspondent answers, about Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

1. Is JSODS for me?

Our school is for students of every level - beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional - who wish to learn authentic Egyptian Dance - Oriental and Folkloric styles -, Self-Discovery & Empowerment.

If you´re looking for a quick fix, an exotic aerobics class, or a specialization on belly tricks (with coins and the like), we´re NOT the right fit for you. With us, you go real and deep into authentic Egyptian Dance, Self-Discovery & Empowerment.


2. Are the Courses at JSODS focused on theory or practice?

Both. We teach the physical, technical, practical side of Egyptian Dance - Technique, Musicality, Improvisation and Choreography skills - and theory - the history, the mentality, the culture behind Egyptian Dance.

Also, we teach Self-Development skills related to self-discovery, esteem, and empowerment; creativity, sensuality, freedom, and more.


3. What kind of equipment do I need to take classes at JSODS?

We´re an online school offering pre-recorded and live classes. That means you´ll need a computer and good internet connection in both cases. If you wish to join our live classes, the system in your pc will lead you to install the Zoom program, the one we use for our live classes. It´ll do it automatically - all you got to do is to follow the indicated steps.


4. What do I receive when I join one of JSODS courses?

All our courses, with the exception of some free classes, include pre-recorded and live classes, plus bonus materials (music, articles, videos, exercise sheets).

Some will also include audio files with guided meditations, special exercises, and surprises.

When you buy a course, you receive the classes included in it (read the description of the courses to know how many classes it includes), and all the bonuses offered with it. You´ll always be offered MORE than what you´re paying for, never less.


5. How do I know the schedule of the live classes included in the course I´ve purchased?

Once you subscribe to a course, you´ll receive a correspondent email with the class schedule of that course.

Besides, all our live classes remain available in the recorded format inside the Courses. You´ll be able to access them for as long as the Course exists.


6. What happens if I miss one or more of the live classes included in the course I´ve purchased?

If you miss one or more of the live classes included in the course you´ve purchased, you can check the class recording after it happened live - it´ll always be available for you to watch in your own time inside the curriculum of the course you´ve purchased.


7. How do I access the live classes of the course I´ve purchased?

You´ll receive the link for each live class included in your course via email. All you have to do is following the link and the system will lead you to our virtual classroom. There´s a chat room that allows you to share questions and feedback with the teacher.


8. Is Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course (Membership) a separate product from the COURSES available at the school?


Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course is our NEW staple Course, the jewel of our crown at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School.

When you join our SIGNATURE COURSE, you get access to a special on-going Membership where you´ll learn Egyptian Oriental Dance from the ABC to Mastery. There´s an optional Professional Level and optional Certifications for each Level.

Our Signature Course is NOT an intensive training but an on-going Membership where you have access to benefits

Special Discounts in all our events and external Courses;

Free classes and courses;


Exclusive Q&A sessions with me and special guests;

And other benefits only our members receive.


9. For how long will I be able to access the classes and bonus features offered in the courses I´ve purchased?

Each Course has a specific duration. Some of our Courses are always available and others aren´t. Check the information related to the Course you´re interested in - you´ll see for how long it´ll be available. In case of doubt, email us at [email protected]



10. What happens if I have a question about the school and I need assistance?

If you need technical assistance, you can contact Kajabi´s support team (an awesome team, I must add!) at [email protected]

If you have a question on the courses we offer, or any other doubt related to Egyptian Dance, feel welcome to contact Joana Saahirah at [email protected]

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