"Joana Saahirah´s

Signature Course"




*** Authentic Egyptian Oriental Dance, Personal Discovery & Empowerment from Initiation to Mastery ***



A pioneering Signature Course, delivered monthly, where you´ll receive:


1. Training in Egyptian Oriental Dance, from the ABC till the Advanced & Professional Level (Professional Level will be a separate Membership).


Access to Joana Saahirah´s Teaching Method, uniting the best of the East with the best of the West.


2. Training in Personal Discovery & Empowerment - tools to expand yourself and improve your life.


3. Weekly pre-recorded Dance & Personal Development Classes.


4. Live Masterclasses with Joana Saahirah, 3 times per month + Bonus Live Sessions to support your learning development.



5. Exclusive Discounts in all our Courses inside Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School;


6. Access to Private Events created exclusively for our Members;


7. Access to a global, positive, super supportive community that´ll help you and inspire you on your journey. 


8. Access to a Private WhatsApp Group where a Weekly Inspiring Message will be delivered to you with guidance on how to make the best out of each week. 


What our (fabulous) students say about our

Signature Course

Shean Chua



"First of all, Joana's personality, values and teaching methods attracted me. I first subscribed to a short course in Baladi to try out. Never looked back since and I can attest to the effectiveness and importance of the Signature Course in delivering results for my dance and life. Joana Saahirah's Signature Course is a program for serious learners of Egyptian dance based on holistic skill development (both in dance techniques and in personal development), deep cultural and contextual knowledge, as well as intensive and continuous flow of live zoom classes, homework and assignments. 

Starting from visualisation and associating sacred geometric patterns with our dance, I enjoy the delivery of content that enables and empowers all of us to tap on our creative selves. Beyond learning basic dance techniques and vocabulary, the Initiation Level kickstarts our understanding of how we can integrate masculine and feminine polarities into our life and dance. 

In Dance, my biggest takeaways from the Signature Course include the introduction of pauses and different dynamics and variations. 

In Life, I´m more aware about the need to harmonise my feminine and masculine polarities so that I can make decisions better or change belief patterns that do not suit me anymore. Learning the art of surrendering and having the concept of psychic death allow me to be confident and assertive moving forward.. towards where I want to go in my life!

I recommend the Course to all students who want to experience exponential growth in both their Dance and Life through development of the Self, and hence Dance Identity, both identities are inseparable and mutually reinforcing at the end of the day. As we are bringing our Self to the Dance, and using Dance to express the Self."

Cecilia Zuñiga

(Costa Rica)


"After taking a few of Joana Saahirah´s  courses I felt in love with the way she teaches and I was wondering if she didn’t have a long term program that I could subscribe, and then she came up with the Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course, that offers me exactly what I want.


I enjoy the initiation level of the Signature Course so much, I think because I´m getting much more of what I was expecting.

It has been an awakening for me in life and in dance.

My loved ones that know me well, have noticed the difference in the way I share and enjoy my dance and my life.


Your Signature course and every course I have taken with you are amazing.

You gave us a lot of information, and you clarified dance topics and personal development topics that are sooo important for all dancers - beginners to professionals - to have.


Even after 18 years studying the dance each one of your classes are aha moments for me, and makes me wonder why I didn’t learn this before, it would have been so helpful in my journey.


That is why I definitely would recommend the signature course."

Jian Sakakeeny

(China/Costa Rica)


"To say I enjoyed the Initiation Level of Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course is an understatement. I actually feel that I now hold the key to constructing my own choreographies in a much more creative and liberating way. And the geometric patterns and their different applications commanded by different musical nuances are this golden key to creativity. Whenever I watched how Joana created different combos using the same basic movements and patterns, I would get emotional and inspired to practice more and more. I also loved the wisdom that Joana instilled in us about Egyptian dance and life. For example, time is our friend. As a result, I'm more patient with myself and take necessary time to develop my techniques and muscle memories. 


I noticed that I definitely have become more confident as a dancer. Indeed, knowledge is power. I also realized how important it is for us dancers to take care of our bodies, minds, and the spiritual state. Dance is not just a series of movements, but a manifestation of our state of being on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. I feel so lucky to have found a master teacher who does not only teach us how to dance, but offers us an opportunity to reflect and grow. 


I´d recommend Joana´s Signature Course - absolutely. In fact, I have been recommending the course to other students, especially those who want to grow as a person, too. I told them about the unique approach to teaching Egyptian dance, the homework assignments that pushed us to apply what we have learned, how much effort Joana invested in our growth as a dancer and as a person, and the sense of camaraderie that we developed among the fellow students in the class."


Dana Moreno



"I loved the Initiation Level of Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course. I´ve “suffered” with it, too. 

I´ve enjoyed it because it fits perfectly in your invitation to approach Egyptian Dance and Life in a parallel way and because it makes me recognize the connection between those two.


I´ve seen with my own eyes how the way you teach Egyptian Dance and Personal Development has an effect on the way I dance. I feel more confident because I´ve started to understand essential things about this dance, things that allow me for a better connection and the creation of my own life.


 I mention that I´ve also suffered because it´s an intense work on both levels - dance and personal - and that requires effort but it makes all the sense.


The biggest transformations I´ve witnessed, so far, in me while taking the Signature Course are the awareness of many important things, in my dance and in my life, that were otherwise in the air, floating, and now are clear and present; I´ve become more responsible, therefore empowered; I´ve learned how to make my own decisions and own them; I´ve got used to approaching self-knowledge and empowerment as beautiful and fundamental tools to build the life I want for myself. In my dance, I´ve become more honest and authentically myself. I´ve felt an incredible awakening in this whole process. 


I´m discovering essential technical details that improve my dance. In fact, it feels like, before the Signature Course, I was dancing blindfolded, with my ears and heart closed. Now, they´re open. 


I´d recommend Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course without a doubt. It´s the best Egyptian Dance guide I´ve ever come across. It's full of clarity and resources. I´ve never met a Teacher as deeply committed as you. Your work is based on a huge and precious experience, filled with passion and successes. And that offers us absolute confidence. You´re special amongst the special ones.


Thank you."


Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course

is structured:


(Click on the boxes to know more about each Level of our Signature Course)

Benefit #1



When you subscribe, you get access to Joana Saahirah´s original teaching method inside authentic Egyptian Dance, Personal Discovery & Empowerment.

You get to learn Egyptian Oriental Dance from scratch, from Initiation to Mastery. And to Professional Level (Optional/Special Membership)

Benefit #2



When you subscribe, you receive Bonus Resources - Music, Videos, Images, extra Classes & Workshops - related to authentic Egyptian Dance, Personal Discovery & Empowerment.

Benefit #3



When you subscribe, you receive feedback on your Dance & Personal Development from Joana Saahirah & further guidance so you can keep expanding your Dance. And your Life.


Why, this Course?


I´ve created this Course because Egyptian Dance has changed me and my life and I´d love you to experience the same gift.

I´ve created this Course because there´s a legacy of Egyptian Dance, Music, Culture, and Wisdom I´d like to pass on.

I´ve created this Course because I believe Egyptian Dance is the magical tool every woman deserves to have in order to discover, love, and expand herself.


What is this Course?


This Course is the juice of more than 20 years of a high-profile career in Egyptian Dance, first in Egypt and then around the World.

It´s the ABC of Egyptian Oriental Dance taught according to my original Method which unites authentic Egyptian Dance, Personal Discovery & Empowerment.

This Course is a bridge between Egypt and the World, the East and the West, a Journey of Self-Discovery & Expansion through an ancient art form that is simultaneously artistic, healing, and empowering.

For Whom is this Course?


Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course is for Women who wish to get deep into themselves and their potential; women who are committed to knowing who they are and building the dance and life of their dreams.

This Course is for Women who want to learn a new Dance Style that is also going to offer them a Personal Development Tool.

This Course is for women who have never learned Egyptian Dance but also for women who have studied Egyptian Women but want to learn it in-depth and according to a method that´s going to allow them to grow on a personal level.



I believe that Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course is the best Egyptian Dance Training in the world (as you will see for yourself); I know that the combination of Dance Training and Personal Development used in this Course is pioneering, transformative, and powerful.

I´m 100% sure that every woman would benefit - greatly - from this Course but I also know about our policy inside Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School:

We want engaged students who love what they´re receiving at our Courses.


  • For that reason, and because we believe in the excellence of this Course, we offer Refund Policy.

You can subscribe and do the first 4 Modules of Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course - the live sessions, the pre-recorded classes and the bonuses. If, after completing those 4 Modules, you feel this is not for you, you  can ask for a FULL REFUND and it´ll be given to you. No questions asked.

From the 5th Module on, there´ll be no Refunds offered.


*Option of receiving our Signature Course Certification


When you join our Signature Course, you´ll have the option to receive Certificates for each Level completed - Initiation, Level 1, 2,3, and Professional.

This is a Bonus Offer especially designed for students who wish to challenge themselves to the fullest, for students who want to become professional Dancers/Teachers or/and for students who are already Professional Dancers/Teachers.

It´s optional & fabulous!


  • The cost per Certificate is $200 and in order to get it, you´ll have to pass exams -  theory & practice - that ensure you´ve absorbed everything that is taught in each Level of the Course. 


  • The Certification will allow you to legally use Joana Saahirah´s Method in your Teaching, if you wish to do so. 


Click HERE for more information about our Certification



A Subscription Fee of $59 (charged only once in the act of subscription)


Only $89 per month, including access to all the contents of our Signature Course, Live Masterclasses, Bonus Whatsapp Group of Support, and Personalized Guidance from the Teacher & our our dance community


Click HERE to access the MONTHLY PAYMENT option




A Subscription Fee of $59 (charged only once in the act of subscription)

Only $696 per year, including access to all the contents of our Signature Course, Live Masterclasses, Bonus Whatsapp Group of Support, and Personalized Guidance from the Teacher & our our dance community


Click HERE to access the ANNUAL PAYMENT option

Testimonials from our Students

Chiharu Hotta



“Thank you so much for the amazing course “Shimmy Wonderland”! I love this Course. Learning shimmy with beautiful music was really fun and I never experienced Tarab when I attended any classes (even in real life) before. I learned not only techniques but all the possibilities that I can use shimmies for. Also, Joana teaches how important it is to find our unique dance style, not to be a copycat. It was a huge eye-opener for me and gave me the courage to start experimenting and creating! Since I started to create and experiment my dance, I became more confident in real life. I started to create new things and take actions to achieve my goals. Ex.1-I volunteered as an English-Japanese translator at my company. (I have been wanting to use my English for work but I was always scared of being judged by people before so I never used my English.) Ex.2-I am finally organizing my small belly dance event! (I have a dream to become a professional belly dancer. I used to just wait for somebody to make the dream come true for me. but your words encouraged me and I decided to create my own show! A big thank you, Joana. I´d totally recommend this Course to dancers. Absolutely yes! Your classes change dancers' lives. I cannot thank you enough.




Before starting to study with Joana I first fell in love and felt inspired by her dancing, wherein I found something "mystical" that makes me always think that Federico Fellini would have put her inside one of its magical movies.

Joana, as a teacher, is truly a gift.

She teaches without any reserve and she never stops giving, I'm always impressed about the amount of amazing contents she manages to give!

She conceived a peculiar "format" for his courses, that makes the process of learning fun, enjoyable and stimulating, because she gives, in addiction to the dance classes, many things to discover little by little. I always have the feeling I am a child with a box full of colorful toys to play with.

What I'd like to underline among everything is that Joana has the will to give her students fundamental tools for a more autonomous development of the dance. That it also means that she teaches at a "multilevel" way, always entering the field of self development.

I personally feel I have, with her, the chance to make order among everything, not only among the huge world that concerns "oriental dance", because joana spreads a direct knowledge of the egyptian culture, not only studied, but truly lived and absorbed beneath the skin, so she can put, and she wisely does, the dance teaching into contextualization; but also, I feel I'm developing a deeper understanding of what  dance technique is made of.

I personally realized that Joana lets you "return" to the dance technique, as kind of something your body belong to, something it deserves and it should explore, to feel more. 

Definitely huge and well beyond expectation.


Dana Moreno



I´m very happy to have met Joana on my Oriental Dance path.

In her courses and method I´ve found answers to several needs and questions.

For instance, I´ve learned about the essence of Egyptian Dance, what is essential and what makes it magical.

Everything Joana shares in her courses fascinates me: the concepts she introduces, the exercises she proposes help you find, recognize, and build the unique dancer each of us carries within.

In all of her courses, I find an integrated and permanent way to develop self-empowerment, Egyptian Dance technique, and the essence of each style, all of it backed-up by the great richness of Joana´s experience in Egypt and her studies with the greatest musicians and Egyptian Dance masters. Furthermore, she does it all in a fun and vibrant way.

I´m deeply thankful for her generosity and for her willingness to create work that brings real evolution in her students.

Each course at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School is a meeting with myself, with my personal powers and unrecognized gifts.

Basically, I´m witnessing major growth in my dance and, above all, I feel happier and able to express who I am.



Zoe Ni 



Yes, simply the BEST. She pours out so much love, passion, light through the screen to all students and it inspires me so much. There had been doubts, confusions in my head but she is the one saying exactly what I need to hear to awaken myself. Now I feel my heart is more open for every movement. Her classes change the landscape of my dance basically. She is such a blessing to the education of Egyptian Dance today.

Madelyn Farr



I loved "Shimmy Wonderland". In addition to the shimmering choreography and the breakdown of the shimmy variations, there was an assortment of video goodies that enhanced the program. The Bonus MasterClass “Shimmies as a Healing Tool” was particularly engrossing and useful. I completed the challenge to do a daily 20-minute shimmy session for a week to achieve clarity and grounding around a decision needed to be made and to facilitate the release of a belief or pattern of behavior no longer serving me. In all, this is a course that goes well beyond standard technical instruction and choreography. Like all of Joana's offerings, you're treated to a rich body of relevant information, in this case, on the merits of shimmies as a choreographic enhancer and as a tool for self-development and healing - plus all of the bonus treats that bring the student a wealth of insight into Egyptian Dance. I appreciate Joana's evident commitment to her students' progress. She added live classes to the curriculum to meet the particular learning needs of her students. Joana shares her time, her care and knowledge generously and as her students, we're all the better for it!  


I reaped several benefits from the Course.

First, I've developed my stamina and dexterity through a  daily practice of shimmies as instructed in the course. My participation in the Shimmies as a Healing Tool challenge revealed the power of shimmies to generate energy and resolve when I'm lagging or unfocused. As a result, I plan to continue the practice for that purpose. I particularly appreciated the lesson on creativity which was edifying as it strongly validated my own choreographic process. Last but not least, the course increased my appetite to learn more about ED which I plan to do once I submit this course survey.


I'd gladly recommend the course to other dancers who are interested in a multi-layered approach to learning. The application of shimmies beyond their execution strictly as a dance move is intriguing. This course is designed to engage the body, mind, heart, and soul. Any committed student taking this and other courses with Joana will always gain a great deal in more than initially meets the eye. 

Jill Shireen



 I am loving the courses I've taken at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School, they are comprehensive, challenging and fun at the same time.

My dance feels more authentic because it's more authentically ME. Joana leaves no stone unturned and attends to every detail in one's life that needs attention in making them a better dancer.

Joana is an extremely knowledgeable and generous teacher who gives 150% to her students. In addition to providing rich detail and respect for the history and pioneers of the dance, her school provides a path to self-love and empowerment through her unique and caring teaching style.


Yara Sultan

(Savannah, USA)


She is a really *magical* dancer and teacher, my understanding of Egyptian dance (and my dance) has been trans-formative, deepened, since taking ONLY her online classes! She develops each class personally based on your needs that are visible (and invisible) to you. What you think you know, you really have no idea! I don't even know how to begin without writing a novel. I can only imagine what her live classes/workshops are like! Not only does she develop your dance, but your understanding of Egyptian history, the people and their culture, and learning the heart of it all... the great secrets to this dance you don't hear about in your normal classes. Time is spent in EACH class developing not only your dance but your understanding of the magic behind it all. Sometimes in very unusual but exciting, and interesting ways.

Alana Hessa Svetlana Lastochkina



And that is true! I am one of those super lucky and happy people = Joana's student and I can't thank her enough for all that she's shared with me, taught me, for her huge help to find my difficulties not only in dance but also in life. I am so excited to continue our path and see what comes next, because I never know what to expect but I am completely sure it will be a magic discovery, a precious experience, a light that will guide me in my way called Life. I can't recommend Joana enough. You just ought to try her classes, and it is not what I am saying, but what comes from the deepest part of my heart.

Bonuses offered inside the 2nd Edition of Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course, starting on the 1st of June 2022


 1. Exclusive DISCOUNTS on all our Courses inside Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School;

Value: more than $400 in discounts  


2. Extra Learning Materials - Music, Videos, Bonus Classes & Workshops; 

 Value: $2000


3. Personal Development Training - How to know yourself and develop a Dance and a Life that reflects who you are;

 Value: Priceless (impossible to put a price on)


4. Access to unique Events only available to our Members;

Value: around $350 per year in free training


5. Personalized Feedback from Joana Saahirah on several homework assignments;

Value: $1600 


6. Access to a global online community of women who are kind, bright, fierce and mutually supportive and empowering;

 Value: Priceless (impossible to put a price on)


7. Access to a Private WhatsApp Group where an Inspiring Message will be delivered to you every week to help you create the Dance & Life of your Dreams;

Value of $700


8. Free access to our Workshop "Focus & Productivity for Dancers"; 

Value of $149


9. Free access to our Training "Self-Love Journey"

Value of $189


  • Total value of the Bonuses offered in our Signature Course: $5388




A Subscription Fee of $59 (charged only once in the act of subscription)


Only $89 per month, including access to all the contents of our Signature Course, Live Masterclasses, Bonus Whatsapp Group of Support, and Personalized Guidance from the Teacher & our our dance community


Click HERE to access the MONTHLY PAYMENT option




A Subscription Fee of $59 (charged only once in the act of subscription)

Only $696 per year, including access to all the contents of our Signature Course, Live Masterclasses, Bonus Whatsapp Group of Support, and Personalized Guidance from the Teacher & our our dance community


Click HERE to access the ANNUAL PAYMENT option


(Frequently Asked Questions)


1. When does the Signature Course start, officially?
Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course starts, officially, on the 8th of November.


2. What happens if I cannot join the live classes & events inside the Signature Course?
 All our live classes & events are fully recorded. You´ll always have access to the corresponding replays.


3. Is Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course indicated for my Dance Level?
Our Signature Course is indicated to ALL LEVELS, from beginners to professionals because everyone will benefit and learn new things from it.
Joana Saahirah´s unique Teaching Method will bring original insights to dancers to all levels.
Everyone will gain and learn new things from it.


4. Can I cancel my subscription, if I want to?
 If you choose the Monthly Payment Option, you can cancel your subscription at any moment. If you choose the Annual Payment Option, you enjoy the basic rule in our REFUND POLICY: you can do an entire month of our Course, enjoying all its contents, and ask for a refund if you´re not fully satisfied. After the second month of presence in our Signature Course, there´ll be no refunds.
5. Could you please tell me the rough number of weekly hours you recommend students to dedicate to this course? I want to make sure I can handle it in terms of time if I join.
I´ll be mindful about the amount of content shared weekly because, unlike our other Courses that happen within an intensive format, this Signature Course is a continuous process that´ll allow TIME AND SPACE for DIGESTION of the content. There´ll be a dance class and a personal development class delivered each week but both will be simple, short, and doable. 
The time each student will need to dedicate to the Course depends on how much she/he wants to grow but I project 1 to 2 hours per week necessary to go through the content shared, weekly.  
6. For how long do I have access to the EARLY BIRD PRICE?
The Early Bird made available ONLY TO OUR ORIGINAL MEMBERS will be available until the 30th of November. Then, it´ll gone forever. 


7. Do I need to go through all the Levels in order to get to the Professional Level?

Yes. There´s a logic, a structure, and a pedagogy heading to the Advanced and the Professional levels that you only receive when you go through the entire journey with me.

Without the pillars, you won´t be able to fully enjoy the Advanced/Professional level.


8. What is the length of each Level inside Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course?

Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course is composed of 

Initiation Level

Level #1

Level #2

Level #3

Professional (optional level)

 Each Level has the average length of 5 months - as we move through the classes, there´ll be adjustments dictated by the rhythm of the students.


9. Do I need to make exams to get the Certificate offered in each Level of the Course?

The Certificates are optional - you don´t need to have them. The students who choose to have a Certification for each Level of the Course will be asked to make specific exams.


What our Students say about

Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School

Cecilia Zúñiga

(Costa Rica) 


"I definitely recommend the school to all dancers and women who want to work not only in their dance but also in their personal development.

Everything I have learned at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School has changed the way I perceive everything that surrounds me, and that influences my dances and my life in a very positive way."

Jian Sakakeeny



When a dance friend from the Philippines sent me the link to Joana’s Facebook Live chat on her Baladi Awadi course I didn’t realize that I was going to hit a jackpot that would enrich my dance life forever.

The more courses that I take, the more I get hooked.

Before long, I have signed up 8 separate courses and most recently the annual membership for the signature course. But why?


First of all, what appealed to me was the holistic approach that Joana takes to each of her courses, i.e. physical, emotional, and spiritual. And it makes total sense to learn how to integrate these elements to enhance the soulfulness of the dance, a passage leading to the divine.


Secondly, all the courses that I have taken were well designed and really focused on each of my problematic areas such as shimmies, hands and arms, hips, traveling steps, how to interpret lyrics, etc. As the result, my vocabulary for each area got greatly expanded and my techniques, strengthened.


Thirdly, Joana’s dance style is creative in such a way that really resonates with me.


Furthermore, Joana is incredibly knowledgeable about not only Arabic music but also non Arabic music.

Since I started working with Joana four months ago I have created three choreographies. I noticed a dramatic difference between the ones that I created before and the new ones after Joana’s school.

The creativity that Joana emphases so much has become a crucial driver in my approach. Suddenly I feel very liberated in my application of the techniques and concepts that I have learned.


Joana often says that education and application go hand in hand. And I found that the creativity she instilled in us can really make the application take off.

I recommend Joana´s School to anyone because of the transformation that I have experienced in my choreographies and performances.

Mariana Artaza



"There are many kinds of teachers and then, there are special teachers, like Joana Saahirah, who carry the power of transformation on their skin, and that shows, it passes on to all her students; because the best teaching we can offer someone is the love for what we do. 


To study with this prestigious dancer and teacher is to embark on a beautiful journey without end; without return; a very intimate and deep trip. Her classes are unmatched! Her world is magical, she´s magical."

Anna Winter



"I definitely recommend Joana Saahirah´s School to other dancers!

The lessons are very well structured, the content is about the dance, about culture about the art and what it takes to be an artist- a human being, who is passionate about the craft. What I really like to mention is that you have a lot of passion for the dance and for the art- and that is what I can feel- and what people feel.

What I love about your classes is the special connection of all the positive benefits dance has-and how important it is to feel good, to feel confident- that is what dance shows you and what you show in dance - it is vice versa.

Your style of teaching is motivating - get out of the comfort zone-move your **s-and practice. 

I like that you show us a way how to understand what it takes to be a confident human and a confident dancer. There are so many bonuses and resources as well.

The classes are a great opportunity to develop - as a dancer and as a person. And you are there for us and give us support and feedback.

Since I joined your classes, I feel much more confident and also curious."

Linda Hadj



"This year, I subscribed to 4 courses at Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School and, honestly, her courses are amazing, I recommend them 100% because she teaches you the dance technique and choreography but the Egyptian Culture behind the dance, the mentality behind each movement.

Furthermore, she develops you on a personal level -  emotionally and psychologically -, something that can help you evolve in your dance and in your life.

If you´re wondering if you should join her school, I´d say “don´t think twice, join it now!"

What YOU´ll receive, every MONTH, inside our Signature Course Membership:


  • Pre-recorded Dance Classes from the Bases of authentic Egyptian Dance till the Mastery Level


  • Pre-recorded Personal Development Classes complementing the Dance Classes made available that month


  • 3 Live Master Classes with Joana Saahirah + Bonus Live Sessions to support your learning development


  • Bonus Resources - Music, Videos, Images, extra training


  • Access to a Global Community of bright, kind, interesting and open-heart women who´ll share this Journey with you, supporting you along the way


  • Bonus Surprises 


  • Special Discounts in our Courses (discounts not available to the outside public)


  • Access to a Private WhatsApp Group with weekly doses of inspiration to help you create the Dance & Life of your Dreams

Joana Saahirah´s Signature Course


From Initiation to Mastery.


A Unique Learning Experience bringing you the best of Egyptian Oriental Dance, Personal Discovery & Empowerment created by Joana Saahirah.

Testimonials from colleagues

from around the World


Professor Dr. Hassan Khalil

(Academy of Art, Cairo

High Institute for Theatre Arts

Department for Acting and Directing

Head of ISOC, International Saray of Oriental Culture, Cairo)


"Joana is an exceptional person, I´ve known her for several years.

She´s a passionate supporter of dance as an art form, her heart beats for the Egyptian dance and culture.  Her choreographies demonstrate her creativity and technical abilities, where movements bring the music to life, synchronizing mind and body. 

Joana infuses her students with the same passion. With an outstanding technical eye and the strongest background in different facets of dance technique, she is fully dedicated to each of her students and is aware of both their strengths and the areas in which they need to develop. Although the proper technique is critical to Joana's approach, she requires always more, from herself and from her dancers. She wants dancers to flourish as performers by discovering their OWN style, their OWN personality. 

Her spirit and heart are enormous, and she is an ambassador for the world of Egyptian Dance and the world of dance in general."

Orit Maftsir

(Internationally acclaimed Oriental Dancer & Teacher; the creator of the monumental "Eilat Festival")


"Joana's dance is a rare combination between high intelligence and deep cultural knowledge - behind her beauty and femininity.

She is the only teacher I´ve known who passed not only the how - but also the why.

I was personally inspired by her and was able to finally control my own small hip breaks thanks to her clear and visible control.

Meeting Joana and being her friend is one of the best things in the Belly Dance community- it is rare and not always possible to maintain, but there is such a thing - a true soul mate in Bellydance!"

Candice Frankland

(Professional Oriental Dancer & Teacher; the creator of Phoenix Belly Dance, New Zealand)


"I remember the moment I first saw Joana, it was in Istanbul and she charged the dance floor like an eagle diving for its prey - I was mesmerized, enchanted, afraid, and liberated by her performance. Following that, I attended her workshops where I lapped up her teachings like they were balm for my dance soul. After booking a private lesson, I realized this Teacher had the power to make real and lasting changes in not just her students' movements, but in their perception of Egyptian dance, as well as themselves (I don’t consider myself someone who cries much, but I had tears rolling down my face during the lesson from the profundity of what I absorbed). I have since hosted her for workshops and performances in Auckland, and she brought just as much wisdom and passion to share with our community as my first meetings with her. I am forever grateful, and I cannot recommend highly enough to any dancer that wishes to learn the depths of Egyptian dance and feel the shift of insight that Joana’s work brings."

About your Coach & Dance Teacher, Joana Saahirah


Joana Saahirah is a world-renowned Oriental Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer, and Author.

She´s also the creator of the pioneering Online Platforms Joana Saahirah´s World and Joana Saahirah´s Online Dance School delivering authentic Egyptian Dance, Personal Discovery & Empowerment. 

Joana fell in love with "Raks el Sharki" and had the privilege to study extensively with the last icons of Egyptian Dance - Souhair Zaki, Nagwa Fouad, Mona el Sayed, Azza Sherif, and others.

She started her career in Egypt where she lived and performed for 8 years at the best venues of the country; during that time, she also worked as Choreography & Teaching Assistant of the Father of Egyptian Folklore, Mahmoud Reda

Joana has traveled the world - more than 40 countries - in recent years to teach, perform, and lecture at international festivals.

Her dance style is unique, creating a bridge between tradition and modernity, the East and the West.

She has published several articles for respected publications as well as two books, The Secrets of Egypt - Dance, Life & Beyond & Behind the Curtain, a collaboration with the Slovenian Photographer, Breda Jurecko.

Joana´s Teaching Method is an original formula combining her in-depth knowledge of Egyptian Dance, Music, and Culture, and Personal Development.

Thousands of dancers from all over the world have benefited from her Vision - bringing back the Soul of Oriental Dance - and Work.